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Innovation and technology

Technologies we rely on

We use innovative technologies and processes during production to create contemporary work environments which stimulate creativity and productivity.

Innovation and technology

Innovation and technology

We take a comprehensive approach to the project we embark upon.

During the production process we use injection moulding machines with a clamping force of 650 tonnes as well as a plethora of peripheral devices such as dye and plastic additives dispensers, mixers and in-situ driers guaranteeing the desired final effect is stable and repeatable for entire batches. 

We take a comprehensive approach to the project we embark upon. The experience we have acquired over the years, makes it possible for us to support our customers throughout the entire process – staring with an idea, to pilot production runs until an optimal production result is achieved. With the environment in mind, we have replaced older machines in our machine park with modern energy-efficient equipment. Such a step made it possible for us to eliminate production barriers which means we are able to create wares of various use characteristics.

More than 2500 product in our portfolio


3500 sq. m. of warehouse and production space

The industrial unit in Jawornik offers amazing potential. However, we are not stopping there. Further expansion plans are in line with our infrastructure growth vision.

15 top quality injection moulding machines

A modern machine park ensures precision workmanship, ergonomics, efficiency and outstanding quality of our wares.

3500 products available

Production potential of up to 200,000 pieces per day.

Technology • Knowledge • Experience

Plastex products feature numerous certificates and approvals issued by renowned world-encompassing certifying institutions.

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And everything begins with polymers

We use a carefully selected blend of copolymers in the production process, as only by selecting the right material can the desired functionality, safety and service life of products be ensured.

Using the right type of plastic is therefore crucial to the successful design and manufacture of our finished elements. Correctly chosen material allows for efficient use of technological means available in production, while ensuring that the functional requirements of the product are met in conjunction with production validity.

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